Brazilian government relations boutique partners with ex-foreign minister

Brasília government relations firm MJ Alves & Burle Advogados e Consultores has entered a strategic partnership with a litigation boutique led by a former Supreme Court of Justice and government minister.

The partnership strengthens MJ Alves & Burle’s legal nd non-legal advocacy offering.

MJ Alves & Buler, which was established by a team of lawters from Mattos Filho, Veiha Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados at the start of the year, signed the agreement with Snao Paulo’s Farncisco Rezek Sociedade Advogados last month.

Francisco Rezek, 74, established the six-lawyer boutique in 2008. He previously worked for Brazilian firm Advocacia Gandra Martins, which specialises in constitucional, tax, administrative and corporate law matters.

Before entering private pratice, Rezek spent two years as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, during whitch time he led on the creation of the Mercosur common market, and worked as a Supreme Court od Justice and public prosecutor.

MJ Alves & Burle intends make use of the former judge’s legal expertise to enhance its litigation and tax offering. Rezek’s government experience will also strengthen the development of MJ Alves & Burle’s non-legal services, witch include economic and strategic analysis and political lobbying. Both firms will maintain separate operations under the agreement, but use each other’s offie in their respective cities.

“It is important to say that we will remain as two different laws firms”, explain MJ Alves & Burle managing partner Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves. “This is not a merge. We will work together in selected cases and the partnership will evolve naturally.”

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